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Bemar has supplied 4 XCC.22091.S.210/B agitators for the Water Battle Project – U-5300 BLNG plant in the Sultanate of Brunei on behalf of Shell.The agitators were designed and built for the revamping of the existing plant built in the 1970s. Previously, agitators with 4 inclined blades at fixed speed were installed.

Belmar supplied 4 agitators with a 3PM-1084 impeller for the generation of an ascending axial flow, as required by the process; the gearmotor, equipped with an ATEX motor as specified, is suitable for operation powered by a frequency inverter. The possibility of varying the RPM results in a highly versatile plant, as the parameters of the incoming wastewater are not stable.

The agitator is installed in a recirculator with a diameter of 27 m and is designed to help flocculation in the central channel.