Microspear® is an optimized UVC immersion lamp system for long cable lengths with an extremely compact design. The Microspear® UVC immersion lamps are used in open rinses and for UV disinfection of cooling towers, open containers, machines or machine parts. Preferably each UV disinfection is designed and coordinated with ACK to achieve the best possible result. This system for UV-disinfection not only prevents the spread of contamination to other process stages, but also improves the functioning of the sterilized units.

Optimal applications are in the field of rinsing technology and the hygienic intermediate storage of water and aqueous media and in particular the UV disinfection of cooling towers. Microspear® UV disinfection units are particularly suitable for rinsing processes and hygienic storage of water and aqueous solutions.

A unique feature of the Microspear® is that it has internal grounding inside the protection tube of the submersible UV lamp. Should the lamp become damaged then the complete system will switch to zero voltage due to the ground-fault-protection switch.

All Microspear® UV devices are supplied in a control cabinet with the appropriate cable length between the control cabinet and the UVC immersion lamp.
As the only manufacturer of UVC immersion lamps, we deliver reliable leakage monitoring for failure diagnosis. Additional lamp units can be supplied as required by the size or number of tanks to be disinfected.

There are also various optional accessories available including mounting plate, protective cage, lamp monitoring device, level sensors and additional cable. It is also possible to supply an ATEX approved version of the Microspear® if required.


The Microspear® base unit comprises the following as standard:

• 1 off immersion lamp consisting of:
– 1 protection tube made of ultrapure quartz glass with threaded PP-fitting, diameter 32 mm;
– 1 off 2 pin 40W-UV- lamp with an UV-output of 13 W at 254nm. The lifetime of the lamp is 8000 operating hours;
– 1 piece closing plug with grommet out of stainless steel or PVDF and EPDM gasket 20 m UV-protected cable;

• 1 off 230 V/50 Hz electrical cabinet incorporating:
– Mounting kit;
– Ballast;
– Earth leakage circuit breaker;
– Operating hour meter;
– Fuses & terminal block;
– ON/OFF Switch;
– Fan and filter unit for air cooling which is needed for more than 5 Microspear® units;

• Integration: by user, plug and play;
• Instruction manual.

Additional features

Microspear® Submersible UV-unit

The Base unit Microspear® is the basic module for UV disinfection of water within tanks and at the point of actual rinsing. Dependant on the tank size and the UV absorption of the water to be treated, the base unit may be extended with additional Microspear® units. In this way the Microspear® system can be adapted to the particular requirements of your site and processes. In some applications Microspear® units are combined with Microfloat® technology for optimum results.

System Design

In order for us to recommend the most suitable Microspear® system to meet your needs we will require the following information with your initial enquiry:

– Tank dimensions: LxWxH or DxH in meters;
– Filling volume in m³;
– Flow rate in m³/h;
– Water sample (50ml) or description of water (e.g. DI-Water, Recycling water, Rain water etc). Please note that there will be a charge for analyzing your water sample if this service is required;
– Tank construction material;
– Temperature of liquid to be treated.


TypeLengthDiameterElectr. PowerUV-Flux at 254nm
Microspear® 15345mm32mm11W4W
Microspear® 40960mm32mm36W12W
Microspear® 120960mm32mm120W42W
All Microspear® UV-units are supplied along with a well-designed electrical cabinet and the appropriate cable length.

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