• Multi-Effect Thermal Evaporators in 316L or Special Alloys
    Capacity 1000 to 6000 l/hr - Operating With Steam or Hot Water
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Technology
    Membrane Technology Combined With Low Energy Evaporation - Total Turnkey System
  • Precipitation, Flocculation & Sedimentation Technology
    Traditional wastewater treatment with proven applications over the past 30 years
  • Advanced Oxidation Technology
    Alternative treatment approach to concentration and incineration, cost effective treatment with low C02 footprint

Every production process is unique, using different chemicals and generating varying liquid waste with metals, organics and other contaminants. Each operation will have different waste treatment priorities arising from its own unique combination of product specialisation, government regulation, and economic factors. A successful waste management system must be custom designed to address all the process characteristics and management priorities. An economical solution must combine this custom design with standard treatment equipment that works.

Our partners

Belmar Technologies is a proven provider for both individual process equipment and a total solutions integrator in the field of water and wastewater treatment. Our goal is to provide the Best Available Technology to our clients. An essential aspect of our offering is our partner program which gives Belmar technology depth where we work with our partners to ensure that our clients scarce water resources are safeguarded and valuable by-products of the waste treatment process, such as precious and semi-precious metals, oil and chemicals, are recovered and treatment routes remove the need for costly hazardous waste incineration. BELKI, produce many types of filtration equipment, extending the life of the process fluids and pretreatment for subsequent purification technologies. Enviolet is a proven provider of In-Tank UV disinfection and Advanced Oxidation, an alternative to hazardous waste incineration. PRO-DO-MIX produce mixers suitable for any type of fluid, including high density applications up to 2.5 kg/m3. Eco – Techno have been building heat pump and thermal evaporators since 1984. Evaporation and concentration can be an effective solution for reducing offsite waste disposal of recalcitrant and corrosive waste.