Our partner company BELKI produce and supply filtration equipment for the separation and filtration of process fluids. BELKI’s filtration equipment is mostly used in the machining industry, automotive, aerospace and related industries. The technology is used to filter process fluids such as coolants, neat oils, washing water and industrial waste water. The filtration equipment is typically used in production plants which use processing machines such as CNC turning / milling machines and grinding machines. BELKI’s filtration equipment ensures effective cleaning and filtration of, among other things, tramp oils, aluminium, plastic and metal chips from the process fluids. Furthermore, the risk of bacterial contamination is reduced by removing tramp oil from the bath surface.


Equipment for separation and filtration of cuttingfluids

The BELKI product range is wide and is constantly being expanded with new, efficient products, all made of stainless steel. Our standard products for filtration and separation of process fluids are:

  • BELKI Smart Unit – the mobile combination of deep bed band filter, oil separation and magnetic fine filtration
  • BELKI Filter System (BFA) – modular filter systems for the filtration of coolant lubricants
  • Deep bed band filter – for filtering grinding fluids, cooling lubricants and degreasing agents from machining machines and central systems
  • Oil separator – separation of tramp oil from various process fluids such as washing fluids, degreasing fluids and coolant lubricants
  • Magnetic filter – for magnetic fine filtration of process fluids containing, for example, particles from cast iron machining or grinding
  • Inline magnetic filter (Ultra Mag) – for magnetic fine filtration of solids and ferritic particles from process fluids in the cutting industry
  • Paper belt filter – a simple and reliable filter for filtering process fluids
  • BELKI Check System – automatic measurement and adjustment of the concentration of coolant concentration in the emulsion
  • Central system – customized by-pass or full-flow central systems, which are modular constructed from our products range and contain several filtration stages
  • Hydro cyclones – for separation of abrasive fluids
  • Belt skimmer – for removing surface oil from degreasing baths or coolant lubricant tanks with small surfaces
  • Filter paper – different types for paper band filters and deep bed band filter systems
  • Pumps – for example to remove floating chips from the bath surface

Operation of a Central System

Central systems can be installed in productions that have more grinding- or CNC turning and milling machines in use. The coolants/lubricants are pumped from each machine to a central system and are cleaned for the unwanted particles and tramp oil. The central system is equipped with the necessary filtration stages dependent on the process, local conditions and requirements for purity.

Depending on the application, different filtration levels are used. For the classical cleaning of cooling lubricants, this is essentially the particle filtration via deep bed belt filters – often combined with the magnetic filtration – and the oil separation. The effectiveness of oil separation can be supported by micro flotation.

In grinding processes, systems with a scraper tank are used to clean the grinding fluid in the central system. For fine filtration, hydro cyclones and automatic magnetic filters are used.

In any case, a central system offers the possibility of automatic top-up and adjustment of the concentration in the coolant concentrate. If desired, concentrations and other parameters such as pH-values, conductivity, water consumption, etc. can be recorded and evaluated.

We supply by-pass and full-flow solutions, or a combination.

Central System for Cutting Fluid Purification
Advantages of a Central System - Cutting Fluid
  •  Cutting fluid maintained at optimum conditions
  •  Longer lifetime for tools
  •  Cleaner working environment and reduce waste disposal costs
  •  Less Bath Dumps
  •  Designed in stainless steel, lower maintenance costs and longer lifetime

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