The DPM & VR Series of evaporators are powered by thermal energy, either steam, or hot water from a waste heat source. The evaporation/concentration system operates with heat exchangers located in the boiling chamber where they are immersed in the waste to be treated. The waste is heated under vacuum to foster evaporation with distillate recovery in the condensation zone  in the  with an external cooling supply fed to the condensation heat exchange. The cold water is usually from a closed-circuit dry-coolers or evaporation cooling towers. Applications Include, Leachate, RO Reject, Digestate, Salt recovery & Hazardous waste concentration.



ECO VR Concentrator

The VR series is the best solution for the treatment and recovery of particularly scaling and fouling wastewater and for obtaining final semi-solid concentrates. The VR unit used either hot water or steam to carry out the evaporation process, offering the possibility of using already available heat sources. Vertical evaporative boiler with perimeter exchanger and internal scraper device.

Automatic operation controlled by PLC with display of the main parameters on the LCD TOUCH display.

Standard execution in AISI316 – special alloys on request.

Standard range from 0.750 to 20 m3 /day of wastewater.



VR Evaporator In Operation

1. Wastewater (1) enters the boiling chamber (11).

2. Thermal energy (Steam or Hot water > 85 °C) is introduced to the external heat jacket (2) the heat jacket surface is maintained clean by the internal scraper/wiper system (12).

3. Vacuum is generated in the Vacuum distillate circuit with a venturi assembly (6).

4. Waste begins to boil and generates steam which is directed to the plate heat exchanger (3).

5. Steam is condensed in the heat exchanger with cooling from the external cooling circuit (5).

6. Distillate is directed to cooling chamber, with temperature maintained by the heat pump chilling circuit (9).

7. After full concentration the final waste exits the boiling chamber (10) and is collected for external disposal or recovery.

Belmar Can provide a turnkey system including salt dewatering. Systems can also include a screw conveyor for salt slurry collection.

VR - Process Diagram

ECO DPM Series

Modular multi-effect vacuum evaporator, suitable for the concentration of medium-large flow rates of waste waster up to 30 m3/day. The SE version up to 120 m3/day.

DPM Range is offered in Single , Double ( 50% Less Energy ) and Triple Effect configuration ( 66% Less Energy ).

  • Removable heat exchanger on DPM standard series.
  • Automatic operation controlled by PLC with display of the main parameters on the TOUCH LCD display.
  • Standard build in AISI316 – special alloys on request.




ECO DPM Series - Mono & Double Effect > Evaporator

Thermal Evaporator Applications

Single or modular multiple effect vacuum evaporator, for the effective concentration of water-based solutions. To be applied whenever alternative source energy are available. It can be powered with hot water, steam, diathermic oil. Ideal to recycle any waste heat and to be combined with alternative source boilers.

Suitable for all industries where an extremely limited maintenance is required. Ideal in the die-casting, heat treatment, Ion Exchange regeneration waste, RO rejects, chemical & pharmaceutical waste, pickling – surface treatments & landfill leachate, biogas digest and washing waste.

Three Effect Evaporator Process Diagram
DPM SE with external heat exchanger
Material Options
  •  Standard construction in AISI 316 L stainless steel for less corrosive applications
  •  High Chloride Applications materials such as DUPLEX (SAF 2205), SUPER DUPLEX (SAF 2507)

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