Belmar’s approach to chemical dosing is to innovate modular standard solutions that move away from over engineered, expensive, and complicated system specified by water companies and consulting engineers.



Custom Engineered With Standardised Modules

Our systems work on reference design basis, which allows for custom engineered options based on standardised design modules, control systems, safety guards, lifting arrangements and containment.

Belmar offers fully enclosed weatherproof systems for small and medium dosing applications. We include fill / control compartments, leak detection with automatic interlock shut down, liquid splash screens combined with integrated bund containment. Multiple material options for different chemicals.

Weather Proof Enclosures With Integral Bunding

Reference Design Control Options

HMI control system with options that include remote telemetry monitoring and SMS alarm system. The system is design to accept 1000 lite IBC deliveries plus external fill if required. Working volume is 1500 litres with an integral HDPE chemical storage tank.

Our digital dosing range includes duty / standby configurations, interface is via user screen allowing doing rates to be entered with low to high turn down ratios – 0.02 – 160 l/hr dosing range.

Manufactured in the UK and tested for easy start up on site.


"Just In Case" Dosing Module

Belmar’s  Just In Case dosing system offers a cost effective solution for temporary or emergency chemical dosing from an IBC or similar storage vessel. The dosing module can also be configured and integrated into a permanent dosing arrangement.

Safe - Mobile Dosing

Main Features:

  • PE enclosure with internal containment resistant to most chemicals used for effluent and water treatment
  • Digital Dosing with operator screen interface for setting dosing rates with manual and auto operation with external control options
  • Dual Contained pipe work with internal leak detection
  • Custom options available including IBC mixing options with wide turn down ratios.
Available with IBC - Mixing Station

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