Paper Belt Filter

Paper Belt Filter

Paper Belt Filter

Operation of a Paper Belt Filter

The fluid is filtered through a non-woven filter media; the quality is chosen after the specific application. As the filter paper clogged by impurities from the liquid, the liquid level rises. Only when the entire filter area is utilized, a floating ball activates an engine, which automatically feeds new filter paper. The used filter paper is collected in a waste box at the end of the system.

Capacity: 30 – 600 l/min


Product Range

Low to Medium Flow Paper Belt Filters

The paper belt filter made of stainless steel is built in different sizes (6.11-11.28HD) depending on the volume flow to be filtered. The flat design allows the filter to be used wherever the height of the processing machine or machine tank is limited. The paper belt filters are available in standard sizes up to 270 l/min. A suitably selected filter fleece guarantees a high filter purity.


High Flow Paper Belt Filters

The paper tape filters (13.35HD-13.50HD) are made of stainless steel and are designed for large volume flows depending on the liquid to be filtered. The paper tape filters are available in standard sizes up to 600 l / min. As an option, augers can be purchased and rolled up so that filter paper and sludge can be disposed of separately. The sludge is discharged laterally via a auger and the used filter paper is wound up.


Fluid Collection Tank – Category 1: Gravity Flow 

The paper belt filter can discharge directly into a customers process tank. However, some applications require a collection tank. The primary size in our range is the shallow Category 1 unit. The filtered liquid flows back to the machine’s working tank via the discharge outlet. Cat. 1 tank fits exactly under a paper tape filter and can be delivered both with and without legs. The tank is also available in sizes 110 to 1510 litres, custom sizes are also available.


Fluid Collection Tank – Category 2: Pumped Return 

The stainless steel tank category 2 (cat. 2) for a paper tape filter acts as a collection container for the filtered process liquid. The Cat.2 unit has a volume of up to 1610 l. It provides space for pump, control cabinet and level monitoring. The filtered liquid is pumped back to the processing machine. A lid allows easy cleaning. The tank is also available in custom sizes with or without legs

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