Belki Smart Unit

Belki Smart Unit

Belki Smart Unit


The process fluid is skimmed off by one of the Tilting Skimmer linked to the Smart Unit, or with a suction device to filter the bottom of the machine sump. The particles are separated via the Belt Filter the tramp oil is separated via the integrated Oil Separator .Optional Magnetic Filter removes the finest ferritic particles. The separated oil is stored in an inner tank, the particle load is fed into a sludge box and the usedĀ Filter Paper is automatically wound up. The cleaned emulsion is returned to the machine sump.

  • Oil separation and filtration in one operation
  • Highly mobile and easily adjustable for optimum results
  • Power connection via 230 V / 50 Hz connection
  • Robust pump for chips up to approx. 4 mm
  • An optional magnetic filter ensures that even very fine particles can be filtered out of the emulsion.
  • A very effective oil separator increases the lifetime of the emulsion

Connection of the Smart Unit

The BELKI Smart Unit is started up pushing two switches. One switch starts the self-priming pump, the other switch activates the integratedĀ deep bed filter. The deep bed filter must be active for the pump to run. The hoses are connected using the standard Camlock coupling. This is quick, uncomplicated and self-explanatory. For low tanks, a bottom suction device is installed, which also fits into small access openings. A standard 230 V socket is sufficient for the electrical supply. The scope of delivery includes two hoses 3/4” and one hose 1 1/4”. All hoses are 3 m long.

Smart Technology : Designed for Mobile Cleaning

BELKI Smart Unit is our solution for simple and effective cleaning of coolant in machine tanks. As mobile by-pass technology, the BELKI Smart Unit offers both effective particle filtration (optional ultra-fine filtration with magnetic filter) and oil separation. The BELKI Smart Unit cleans during operation, without interrupting the production.

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